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Six years ago after giving birth to the eldest, I struggled with breastfeeding. I thought that my struggle with Mastitis was at its peak in the first month. In the second month, my baby started vomiting. It’s not the milk regurgitation like a baby do in general, but the milk that has been swallowed was out of mouth. It bursted, byur!!! A mother can look cool and calm on the surface, but believe me, she is actually trying to deal with her anxiety. I improved my breastfeeding position, I held myself upright a lil bit longer as the breasfeeding after-treatment. But the vomit didn’t stop.

Daya has not receive a serious treatment for her vomit until she entered the third month and the vomiting was getting worse. She could spit out five times once she vomitted and threw up the yellow stomach acid. I then tried to find a better doctor, with no need to waste my time on the pediatrician whose track record I could not trace. Previously, we had brought Daya to two pediatricians, but you could say I got nothing. One underestimated the vomitting, another one gave a medicine which I did not redeem then.

I remember searching on Twitter with certain keywords and uncertain expectations. Yes, I was just trying. I thought that if a doctor is detected on the internet, it must be written by a patient who is truly satisfied with the consultation. Being satisfied with a doctor is one thing, bothering ourselves to write the testimony on the internet means that we’re completely satisfied. After browsing about the doctor, I checked which hospital where the doctor makes his practices, since a well integrity hospital can provide security for patients.

Dr. Frecillia Regina and Daya. 2012.

Through Twitter I found Dr. Frecilia Regina. She not only made a diagnosis systematically but she’s also willing to explain or educate us as parents. And for me and husband who always need an explanation, her method suits us. She didn’t immediately make a diagnosis, but took us to find out. In short, Daya has vomitted because of GERD triggered by food allergie, namely dairy products.

Because of the vomitting, Daya didn’t gain weight from the second to the third month. I was told that she failed to grow because her weight didn’t increase for a month. After she stopped drinking milk, eating bread, pastries, everything that contains butter, her body can absorb the milk.

2018 Digital Survey Result held by Asian Parent ID

From this experience, I’ve been relying on the internet more and more to get information about doctors, schools, any advice on children’s health, education, on becoming a parent and even managing a household. My husband was certainly involved in the process of problem solving, but most of time I am the decision maker regarding many aspects in our house, I made the hammer comes down and made the execution at the same time. It is no exaggeration to say that Mother is the Chief Household Officer according to the Asian Parent ID since 99% of mothers are decision makers at home. And 98% of decisions are made based on recommendations obtained through the internet.

Where do the numbers come from? The Asian Parent Indonesia conducts research on 1000 Indonesian digital mothers spread in the cities of Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan and Bandung. This research describes trends in internet activities, use of social media and household shopping habits.

None of their survey’s result I can deny. I could say that it’s 100% accurate. This is the reality about the gadget-savvy moms in a large city. I was looking for help for Mastitis through the internet, looking for doctors also from the internet. I use the internet at critical times, also at normal times.

The tendency or trend was read in 2018. This is the second survey conducted by the Asian Parent Indonesia. The first survey was carried out in 2017. Then how it will be in 2019? Will there be any changing trends? And what’s the cause of it? While waiting for the results of the 2019 survey, maybe we can start observing our internet behavior this year.

Putri Fitria, Sumati Nagrath, Petty Lubis, Titi Akmar, from The Asian Parent ID.



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