a blog by Galuh

a blog by Galuh


Sometimes a house is where the dream begans. Like Galuh, although she used to run away from home, she is a real homegirl. The home girl with the sky as her roof.

If dancing is essentially moving the body, writing is moving with the mind. Larashati Dot Net is a medium for Galuh to share anything that captures her attention by putting “house/home” as standing point of view. Divided in three menus: Orang Rumah, Isi Rumah, and Luar Rumah, all articles are translated to English to make them friendly to the non Indonesian readers, and to challenge the translation activity as well due to its various contents: reviews, talks, fairy tales, and recipees.

Galuh has written for some national medias on the travelling and performance topics. Her profile was published in Harian Pikiran Rakyat and Koran Kompas. She wish the readers will enjoy her blog: Larashati.