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Funletics By Kinanti

Funletics By Kinanti

Happy new year 2020! Hopefully, everything will remain exciting and enjoyable this year, despite many uncertainties happened in the first week of this year which is quite alarming. Floods on Java Island, fires in Australia, United States’ attack to Iran, not to mention news about rape case committed by Indonesian citizens in Manchester. A big sigh. I wish we still can make a space in our mind to read and face situations.

This first article in 2020 is taking us to chat with Kinanti Pahlevi. Who is she? We call her Kinan, the person behind Funletics. Have you ever heard about Funletics? Or have you taken your children to play at Funletics? Funletics is not a playground anyway he-he, it’s a motor training program organized by Kinan and her younger siblings who (one of them) has a degree in sports.

Usually, the new year is a time for reflection and for planning many things in the future, but to achieve something you must lose something, yeah of course. What has Kinan let go of to focus on developing Funletics?

Kinan and her daughter, Asha.

What year did you work at the office for the last time? And in what field did you work?

November 2016 was the last time I worked in the banking world, in the field of corporate communications. Handling its internal communications.

What has made you quit your office job? Was that a request from a husband or self-initiative?

Since I started working in 2008, I have been feeling an urge to create my own business. But it used to be a double standard. Working, yes, business, also yes. Once I have a child, the desire to resign from the office and run my own business was getting bigger. So that I could set my own time for children, and I would be free to do what I want to do. From the beginning, my husband let me choose which one. He warned me that whatever my choice is, I should never complain. Dare to take risks. Hehe…

What did you like most about your old job?

I had moved offices three times. My last job as internal communication turned out to be the job I liked the most. In the internal communication division, I could write a lot, got acquainted with many other employees for various projects I handled. Everything was perfect. My superiors provided space for me to grow, my colleagues share the same vision and mission with me, they are fun and easy-going, especially the job itself suits my passion.

Activity at Funletics

What is Funletics?

Funletics is a children’s motor activity that focuses on gross motoric in early childhood (pre-primary). Our vision is to shape fitness culture as early as possible. Like parents train their children to pray or to do other habits. By introducing sports as fun as possible, children are expected to love land get addicted to exercise. So, they will do it because they need to do it and they will make it a part of their routine.

With whom do you collaborate in running Funletics?

I run Funletics with my two younger siblings. My first younger sister, Kirana, has a degree in sports. This idea originally came from her. I focus on business development and sales assisted by my youngest sister (Chantika Rini). While Kirana focuses on her training and HR program.

Children are exercising their motor skills at Funletics.

What are the challenges in running a child learning-based business?

Many. When Funletics was established in 2015, parents’ awareness of getting their children to exercise was still low. Now it’s just starting to climb up. So the first challenge was to introduce how important Funletics is for children.

After many people get aware, parents become more critical. This is another challenge. Our trainers must be well-trained in assessing children’s abilities and dealing with children as needed. So we provide various training.

Not to mention that parents often ask, “what’s next?” So, our business development needs to convince parents that Funletics is taking this field seriously.

Have you ever compared the current conditions (building a business) with the previous ones when you’re working office job?

At the moment, no. That phase is over and I have a clearer view of my passion. When I just resigned as a journalist and became a Public Relations in one of the telecommunications companies, I often compared my self-actualization. No longer appearing on television, no more greetings from people who accidentally watched me on television, or just feeling less accomplished when seeing a journalist friend’s career developing.

What are your goals for Funletics?

Our vision is to make children like and need to exercise. Whatever sport they choose later, they need to have good basic mobility. And Funletics teaches that. I want all Indonesian children to be nimble, agile, fast and energetic like of other countries who already have a walking habit and good motor skill.

We’ve just entered a new year anyway, what’s on your wishlist as a mother who works from home?

Let me think… If you ask me that, I have a lot on my list. Yeah, (I wish) the business would run smoothly, my children would be well-raised, also I could take good care of my husband and the like. But my biggest wish now is just being a happy and balanced mom first. Because happy is not just a smile. At the moment I have a business I need to think about, this creates conflict in my mind because I feel I haven’t handled my child properly. Learning better time management so that everything is well-maintained and having a clearer mind I think are my main goals right now. And that’s hard… Hahaha.

Funletics Team


Photos by Kinanti Pahlevi



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