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An Ant Who Defeats an Elephant

An Ant Who Defeats an Elephant

Once upon a day, an elephant living in a meadow curiously wanted to go into the forest. The meadow was a comfort place for the elephant, yet he wanted to know if the forest is as pleasant as the meadow. This young elephant has been warned by his parents to not enter the forest, but he insisted.

The young elephant then walked alone heading to the forest. He had just reached there when he unintentionally stepped on ants on the root of a big tree. Most of those ants were dead by getting stepped on. There was one survivor who got furious. His nest, family, and friends were gone because of those clattering stomping feet.

The elephant didn’t notice what he’s done. Ants and their nest were too tiny, that’s why they’re invisible. He continuously pushed himself through the forest beyond the difficulties he had due to his big body while the trees in the forest were so dense. He collided with trees many times dan kept trying to find any slit in the forest.

By seeing this, a black ant got upset. Elephant is not supposed to be in the forest, thought the ant. What an unreasonable and disturbing attitude towards other forest creature well-being. An idea came to his mind that he would teach a lesson to the elephant.

He approached the elephant, slowly and covertly climbed the elephant’s body. He climbed the elephant step by step from the hind left leg to the back. As he got on the elephant’s back, the ant thought on which would be better, pinching elephant’s ass or punching his head. His instinct guided him to walk to the elephant’s head. He moved quickly since he couldn’t linger, or that stubborn elephant would bother the others more and caused a disaster. So he thought.

He got on the elephant’s head and he thought once again which one would be better. Should he head to the eye then strike it, or to the ear and dig around in it, or a little further, get into the trunk and tickle it. He wanted this way could be a put-off for the elephant. By heading to the nearest eye, he could bother the elephant’s eyesight and make him stagger before falling down to the ground. If he entered through the ear, the elephant would wag his ears. Maybe he would feel disturbed and turn his direction to go back to the meadow. Yet, troubling the elephant’s ears was not likely to be an effective way. Instead, it caused the ant thrown off by the wagging ears and the elephant has no chance to learn a lesson. Again, he had an idea to tickle the trunk. It might be more efficient even though he had to push through a little far because he should go down to the nostril holes. But the elephant would sneeze. It wouldn’t really hurt the elephant and he might be thrown out by the sneezes. The ant could wash his hands of the action he made.

The ant enthusiastically pushed through the elephant’s trunk. As he expected, the elephant took his shaky steps by getting tingled on his trunk. The elephant couldn’t overcome that small ant on his trunk though. All he could do was sneezing! He sneezed once and the ant was still struggling in the trunk. He sneezed for the second time and fallen down after hitting a tree until it broke. At the third sneeze, the ant got thrown off and the elephant tumbled down.

The ant survived. He was waiting a little while, seeing the elephant who tried to get up off the ground. The elephant fell headlong. Fortunately, he didn’t fall on his back by having trees on his right and left sides supporting his body. What would happen if he falls headlong like a rolling cockroach? It would be hard for him to get up and no one could help him to stand back. Instead, he would fall victim to panther or tiger alive.

With much effort, the elephant nailed it as he stood back. The elephant has learned his lesson. He then broke through the forest and returned to his meadow. The ant cheered in the silence of the forest. He has triumphantly chased away the elephant.



A spontaneous storytelling before bedtime. Inspired by the “suit” game as when a pinkie (ant) meets a thumb (elephant) means that the ant wins.

“Suit” game is an “ant-elephant-man” game or an Indonesian rock-paper-scissor game version.



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