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Where to Eat in Bandung?

Where to Eat in Bandung?

Do you go to Bandung for new year’s holiday? My out-of-town friends often ask me where the nice place to eat in Bandung. Hmm… I’m also an immigrant here. I’m not really a newcomer though, but it always feels like just yesterday I moved to this town. Yay!

Sometimes I wonder if I had given them the good culinary references. It could be not comprehensive and most of the time it does not refer to the hipster cafes. It’s my nature to not search for some up to date places. I visit the same place many times just because I am enjoyed being there. Sometimes for the romantic reason, the cool weather, the nice homely food, the good price, or the clean toilet. For me, a place would remain comfy even sometimes there is no wifi access and EDC payment machine if it really is.

1. Warung Taru
It’s closely related to Wale. While Wale is a good choice for noodle lovers, Warung Taru offers rice menu. Homely and certainly delicious. My favorites are chicken soup, madu rempah, mendoan (fried tempeh), nasi uduk, fried banana, pecel. Wow, I’ve mentioned a lot. Its lovely kitchen makes me feel like home. Likewise the outdoor view. I think I don’t need to explain more. Just try it on your own.

2. Warung Purnama
I have many romantic reasons about this place. He-he. My house in Pontianak was on Purnama Street, so they have the same name. I love to see grandpa-grandma enjoy their cups of coffee here. While others have nostalgia for Bandung, mine is for Pontianak since I think Warung Purnama and Warung Sukahati in Pontianak resemble each other. Both produce their own srikaya jam served with fried banana and this makes them alike.

3. Kineruku
Wherever I go with my daughter, I must plan for a kid-friendly comfy destination. I love to come to Kineruku as no one has no doubt about this place. The place provides a yard spacious enough for the children to play around. The green fried rice is yummy and what I love the most is its Turkish coffee.

4. Imah Babaturan
The Green Chilli Squid is the best! Coffee, meals, and other simple snacks are also tasteful.

5. Kopi Tarik Ulur
I’m allergic to broiler chicken, that’s why I feel so happy every time I find free-range chicken (ayam kampung) menu. Here, fried free-range chicken uniquely served with pandan and curry leaves sprinkles. Yummy! Ketan durian, Aceh fried rice, coffee and Tarik tea can be another option.

6. Warung Sitinggil
This is the best place for lesehan or sitting on the floor with low table. I have drunk some fig fruit juice. The fruit was freshly picked from the tree at its yard. So which favors would you deny?

My recommendations are not for a fancy place, but likely to be homey ones. Do you have any other references like those above in Bandung? Let me know then.



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