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Two Eaglets Waiting for Their Mother

Two Eaglets Waiting for Their Mother


Galuh: On the tree there is an eaglet’s nest. An eaglet is waiting for her mother searching for food. Who is the eaglet’s name?

Daya: Hmmm… Popo.

Galuh: Okay, Popo. Popo is not alone, he’s with his sister named… Pipi! Her name is Pipi. Waiting is indeed a boring activity, that’s why Popo is singing. While waiting for his mother, he’s humming, exercising his vocal cords.

Daya: What does humming mean?

Galuh: Singing relaxedly. Popo is singing and who knows the trees want to listen to his beautiful voice. Or other animals in the nearby forests might be amused by his songs. His sister, Pipi is showing off her voice. But, in a grumbling manner.

Daya: Hahahahahahhaha…

Galuh: That was an endless grumble and murmur as she was bored for waiting for her mom bringing home the food.

Pipi: skjd;ahfliudshfjdb.klnz/lkdfhasdgfjhdsberg;MNDBSJHB.KFD/LKOJHHkldo;ihb.aeklr/

Daya: I’m Popo, okay?

Galuh: I think Pipi suits you better.

Daya: Iiiiih, Ibu (Mom)! Popo suits me well.

Galuh: So who will become Pipi?

Daya: *glaring* I-bu.

Galuh: Iiissshh…*I tickled Daya*

Daya: Hahahahahhaha… Why you don’t want to be Popo, you like to grumble.

Galuh: You like to grumble, too.

Daya: But I want to be Popo, to be a beautiful bird.

Galuh: Alright, okay, you become Popo. Let’s move on. Popo gets disturbed by hearing the gerundelan of his sister, Pipi.

Daya: What is gerundelan?

Galuh: the grumbling voice you can’t understand. Popo then takes his headset to cover his ears dan goes on singing.

Daya: Hahahahahhahaa…How can an eaglet has a headset?!

Galuh: Yup, that’s the story is. Let’s say they have a headset. Well, from afar a finch hears the crowd of the two eaglets. The finch’s name is Kiki. Kiki hears two different voices out off the eagle’s nest, one is melodious, another one is cacophonous. The finch is approching the nest.

Kiki: Hi, the eaglets.

Galuh: Popo is surprised by seeing the finch coming, he tooks off his headset.

Pipi: dsakjfldihufodskF:ke;oifhkeyugfchjsdbkcnslkhdfywegfkuyuehPR;oWE}4r[po24

Kiki: What’s your name?

Popo: I’m Popo.

Pipi: dsskjbfkjahsd/fo;kwe{fro4i’w90ruy3468ot4’/3p0fop]NSDBMSHFKUHFHSBKJJ

Kiki: My name is Kiki, what’s your sister’s name?

Popo: She is Pipi.

Kiki: Oh, hi, Popo and Pipi.

Pipi: nbfkhjsdgkuverhlifgjaer;pfiow’-4r09 23yt7rygwhfj,sdhjhsHMdvs,jcsdkljv.

Kiki: You have a beautiful voice, Popo. But what’s your sister doing anyway?

Popo: Thank you. Oh, she is complaining. Leave it alone. We both are here and not allowed to go anywhere, we’re waiting for Mom foraging. We’re so hungry and bored of waiting. Pipi can’t stand because Mom has been off too long. I’m also bored, but I choose to sing, who knows someone in this jungle enjoys my voice.

Pipi: hbfkjzhfli,aejrli47yir673498r9;OUHWJEGD,NSBSCKNKYFGRIDJLKJjd

Kiki: Indeed, waiting is boring. Thank you for singing for this jungle, Popo. Why are you wearing a headset?

Popo: Because I’m annoyed by Pipi’s voice. But I can’t fly yet, and my wings are not fully trained. I can’t get away from Pipi.

Kiki: Her grumbles really sucks and makes noise. But rather than you ignore her and cover your ears with a headset, why don’t you ask Pipi to sing with you?

Popo: But her voice is bad. You can listen to it.

Kiki: Just teach her. Maybe she doesn’t know how to sing. If you both sing together, this jungle must get more fun!

Popo: Ah you’re right. Hey! Pipi, hey!

Pipi: Yeaaah… ndf,mznd,jfbjdbgvjfdbjvnfdmvjhfdb,jvdbh,jbdf,vbdf,jvb,kjf

Popo: Pipi, let’s sing together.

Pipi: What?

Popo: Let’s sing.

Pipi: What song?

Popo: Alright, what song to sing?

Kiki: Have you ever seen the rainbow? Why don’t you sing the Rainbow song?

Popo: I haven’t seen the rainbow. But Mom has sang that song for us.

Kiki: Well, you can ask Pipi to sing it.

Popo: C’mon Pipi, let’s sing the Rainbow song while waiting for Mom. Follow me, okay? Oh rainbow oh rainbow…

Pipi: Oh rainbow oh rainbow…

Popo: How beautiful you are…

Pipi: How beautiful you are…

Popo: You’re red, yellow, and green…

Pipi: You’re red, yellow, and green…

Popo: Hanging in the blue sky.

Pipi: Hanging in the blue sky.

Popo: The great who created you.

Pipi: The great who created you.

Popo: Who really painted you?

Pipi: Who really painted you?

Popo: Oh rainbow oh rainbow, created by the God…

Pipi: Oh rainbow oh rainbow, created by the God… Eh Popo, who is God?

Popo: Hmmm… God is…

Galuh: The big eagle comes from afar heading to the nest of Popo and Pipi. Their mother has come with the awaited food.


And Daya has fallen asleep.



Narrated in the early April 2018
Image: The colouring book “Dream”.




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