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8 Types of Drivers You Find on the Road

8 Types of Drivers You Find on the Road

I wonder how some people have no reflective behaviour on their dangerous actions towards others.

I drive two vehicles: motorbike and car. But lately, I use the car more often because of a certain condition.

I am able to wholeheartedly rate every car driver while I’m on the ride. That’s how I am when driving a car, I easily and arrogantly judge other drivers. This article is full of generalization, simplification, stereotype, assumption, suspicion, judgment. It’s all about bad vibes only, just because I want to. All is up to me.

Here is my irresponsible list of the types of drivers based on my observation:

1. The Old Housewife
Not all housewives are young. If you find a woman riding a motorbike whose right-turn signal lights on but she turns left instead. You betcha! The driver is an old housewife.

2. The Old Men
They drive slowly. They should use the left lane but suddenly they’re on the right one. When other drivers honk at him, he grumbles to himself because he can’t scold someone who honks the car horn. He can’t suck things up like when he was younger.
While driving, the grandpa is thinking of his past and dreaming that the future would run slower, as slow as motorbikes he drives. He fantasizes about a future ending up soon were not coming too fast.

3. The Rushed Couriers
They like speeding so that they can delivery order immediately. They obey the traffic signs because any violation and report due to their behaviour will affect their company and then they will be blacklisted by the office. But those who ignore the traffic sign are in more in number and it’s for the sake of online delivery. Oh well, however, they’re the spearhead of our economic era now.

4. The Sassy Teens
Hhhhrrrgggjhh… junior or high school kids are in this group. They’re not children anymore, but not yet adults. In between. They ride motorcycles without the helmet, in double or even triple seats while joking around as if life is as easy as getting their motorbike as the present from their parents. When you warn them, they scold you back and if they are female and you scold them, they would just give you their sheepish smile. Really, I wanna rub them with chilli!

5. The Young Daddies
This one has a toddler or kid in the front or back seat without a helmet. His right hand on the accelerator, the left-hand holds the child. No guilty feeling, no awareness of the risks of his actions at all. Maybe he just needs to wait until his car get grazed to give him a lesson to learn.

6. The Grandma Bikers
C’mon, Grandma. You got to know when you have to stop riding a motorbike just for backing up the whole family. You’re not only mother, you’re grandmother whose rules and wisdom have inspired your children. But that was then. I know by taking care of the grandchildren, taking and picking up them here and there, and being asked for help by your sons or daughters, you feel valuable. But your grandchildren are your son’s business. Don’t interrupt them that much. This kind of mutualism symbiosis is toxic.

7. The Young Mommies
Why no ladies parking for motorbike??? Discriminative!
Let’s complain as long as we can.

8. The Nine to Five Dudes
They like speeding on the street with their male motorbike (I’m not sure if the male motorbike is a term, and how a female motorbike be like?). If we warn them, they eyeball you back. They act more fiercely. Okay, maybe they’re just tired of working hard for the cost of marriage or settling house mortgage.

Any more? So this list is based on my irresponsible observation. Yeah, it’s me: “I am the purest, while all of you are sinners.”



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